Rakend Dubba

Rakend Dubba

Machine Learning Engineer

About Me

My areas of interest include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artifical Intelligence.

So typically my posts will be revolving around these topics that inspire me. I love sharing ideas, thoughts and contributing to Open Source community.

Typically the posts are concocted from my rough worksheets while working on the fundamentals.

Hope you find something interesting/useful here. Some times I write in Medium


  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Artifical Intelligence.


  • M.S. in Computational Methods

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras

  • B.E. in Aerospace Engineering

    Aeronautical Society of India


Code :

Python, SQL, Shell script

Data analysis :


Deep Learning Frameworks:

Keras, PyTorch

NLP Toolkit :

spaCy, NLTK

Big Data :

Hadoop, Spark

Model Interpretibility:


IDE & Debugging :

Jupyter Lab, Visual Studio

Interactive visualization :




Data Scientist

Fractal Analytics

Oct 2018 – Present
Building Machine Learning models for predicting stock markets and financial time-series


Computational Engineer

Sukra Helitek

Jun 2015 – Oct 2018
Applied machine learning algorithms to the complex Engineering fluid flow problems to develop data-driven surrogate models that reduce the computational cost and mitigate the complexity of Computational models to get quick and relatively accurate solutions.

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